Mahan Air (Mahan Air)

    Mahan Air, an airline headquartered in Tehran, Iran, is Mahan Air Mahan International Airport. It operates regular domestic services and international flights to the Far East, Middle East, Central Asia and Europe. Its main bases are Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport and Meharabad International Airport. Mahan Air offers scheduled flights to 50 destinations in 18 countries between Asia and Europe.

    Mahan Air, an airline headquartered in Tehran


    Mahan Air, established in 1991 as a full-service airline (FSC) and started operations in June 1992, is Iran's first private airline. Mahan takes its name from the historical city of Mahan in Kerman province. The airline joined IATA in 2001 and is owned by the Mol-Al-Movahedin charity (100%).
    Three Airbus A300B4 airliners were purchased in 1999, followed by A310 and A320 aircraft in 2002. In 2008, Mahan Air used forged sales notes to illegally take three 747-400s from its true owner, Blue Sky Airlines, according to an investigation by the UK High Court. When ordered to bring the planes back to Europe, Mahan apparently claimed that it could not be done because the Iranian authorities were investigating them for fraud and therefore had to keep the planes in Iran. Since 2006, with the successive acquisitions of Boeing 747-400, A300-600, RJ-100 and A340-600, the fleet has undergone extensive modernization to enable Mahan Air to offer more capacity and expand its reach to other destinations around the world. The airline flew from Tehran to Shanghai in 2011, Guangzhou in 2013 and Beijing in 2014.
    In 2015, the airline carried 5.4 million passengers with an average load factor of 77%, and with a fleet of 60 aircraft in mid-2015, it was the largest airline in Iran in terms of seats and fleet size. It provides scheduled passenger services to international destinations in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East. Mahan Air also has an extensive domestic route network. The airline started its Copenhagen and Paris (CDG) service in the first half of 2016. On April 6, 2016, Mahan Air was banned from flying over Saudi Arabian airspace.
    On December 12, 2011, the U.S. Treasury Department announced the appointment of Mahan Air as a material and transport sponsor of terrorism "for the purpose of providing financial, material and technical support to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quad Forces (IRGC-QF)." Tehran, Mahan Air provides transportation, funds transfer and personnel travel services for IRGC-QF. "
    Between 2015 and 2018, Mahan Air significantly expanded its operations and fleet. Mahan Air is targeting connections between Asia, especially China, and European destinations. In 2016, Mahan Air started flying to Milan, Athens and Barcelona in 2017, in addition to Germany and Denmark. It operated as many as 15 weekly flights to China until the end of 2018. Mahan Air is scheduled to fly to Rome, Italy and Shenzhen, China starting from June 30 and July 2, 2019.
    Since December 2011, Mahan Air has been subject to several U.S. Treasury Department sanctions for allegedly violating international law by sending weapons and reinforcements to specific groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.
    In January 2019, the German government banned Mahan Air from landing in Germany (where it previously flew to Munich and Dusseldorf), citing Mahan's involvement in Syria and security concerns. France imposed the same ban on March 25, 2019, while Mahan Air was forced to cancel a four-week flight to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.
    During the 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis, Mahan Air launched their first direct route Caracas-Teheran in April.
    On November 1, 2019, the Italian government announced that the country had banned Mahan Air flights to the country. The move follows a visit to Rome by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who urged Italian officials to stop allowing Iranian airlines to use Italian airspace. Germany and France have also banned airlines under pressure from the United States.
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    International Air Transport Association ICAO Call Sign
    W5        IRM         MAHAN
    Founded 1991 ; 28 years ago
    Started operation June 1992; 27 years ago
    key cities
    Tehran Meharabad International Airport
    Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
    Mashhad International Airport
    Shiraz International Airport
    Kish International Airport
    Kerman Airport
    Frequent Flyer Program Mahan & Miles
    Fleet size 46
    destination 50
    Company slogan Excellent spirit
    Parent company Mol-Al-Movahedin Institute (part of IRGC)
    Head Office Aryashahr, Tehran, Iran
    Key Figures Chairman and CEO Hamid Arabnejad
    Employees 4,719 (2017)

    Website www .mahan .aero

    Tehran Airline

    Two alphabet codeW5
    Three alphabet codeIRM
    Call lettersMAHAN
    Country and regionIran
    Fleet quantity46
    Number of destination cities opened50
    Phone number+982148384838
    Headquarters addressMahan Air Tower, Azadegan St., Karaj Highway, Tehran 1481655761- Iran