About us

UFSOO was established in 2013 and is a global freight forwarding information center based in China. We use the mobile Internet to connect and enhance the viscosity between shippers and freight forwarders, so that shippers can quickly obtain effective quotations for FCL, LCL, air, trailer fees, etc.; reduce operating costs for freight forwarding companies, improve work efficiency, and strengthen traditional Inefficient links in the freight forwarding industry, improve customer satisfaction; use mobile Internet to expand more customer channels at extremely low cost.

What can logistics service providers do on the general freight network?

  1. Easily upload tens of thousands of freight rates to the official website of the general freight website.
  2. The official website of the general freight website is a super powerful search engine optimization platform, which is convenient for Baidu, Google and other mainstream search engines to include.
  3. Send tens of thousands of freight rates to thousands of customers with one click, convenient and fast.
  4. The general freight network platform supports multi-channel marketing and supports the operation of mobile terminal, wechat and official account platforms.
  5. No matter when and where, customers can view the quotation and your information through their mobile phones.
  6. Logistics suppliers can also build self-service stations (PC / mobile phone), small programs and official account quotation systems.

What can shippers do on the general freight network?

  1. Tens of thousands of freight rates are clear at a glance; It is easy to find a suitable freight forwarder.
  2. A large number of cargo owners, release transportation needs, and respond to them at once;
  3. Real name freight forwarder certification to reduce transaction risk.

Our service targets are global, covering global cargo owners, regional logistics service centers and logistics service companies in important coastal ports and inland cities, as well as global logistics suppliers. We provide customers with high-quality, fast and low-cost professional logistics services that combine networking and localization. With the aim of meeting the diversified needs of customers, we are committed to the research and development of efficient and convenient freight rate search, inquiry and consultation functions, and provide customers with free freight rate inquiry and logistics services from multiple channels and angles.